"There's something really different about Jordy" -Pharrell Williams

Jordy Searcy is a fresh sound on the American touring artist scene (think Noah Gunderson + Ed Sheeran.) He wears a lot of blue, loves poetry & tea, and is usually barefoot. After a stint on NBC's The Voice, he relocated to Nashville TN, where he began crafting a fresh organic sound with a focus on stories, redemption, and captivating moments.

Jordy and his band play 150 shows a year across the US, to college crowds ranging from 50 to 500. Jordy has a mesmerizing show-looping vocals from the soundhole of his guitar, explosive stage presence/dynamics, silencing a crowded bar playing a song unplugged, ETC.

"When someone connects with your music, it's the most special feeling-and it's the same feeling whether it's one person or a thousand. Being an indie artist isn't easy, but connection is everything." -Jordy

...exactly what music needs right now. It’s a beautiful thing when pure talent and honesty manifest in the next generation of songsmith.
— Dave Fenley, Miranda Lambert touring artist
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This isn’t album of the year-this is album of the life
— Kanye West, about The Life of Pablo